Our Mission

This is Kerin. He’s a very sweet rescue
We love our vet, Dr. Terrio at VCA Alexa

​Project Second Chance: Community Matters

For almost 15 years, the volunteers at Project Second Chance have been rescuing satos (and pure breeds) in Puerto Rico as part of other rescue initiatives. After the hurricane in 2017, we watched as rescues and shelters were flooded with homeless dogs. And, we watched as homeless animals reached crisis levels on the streets of Puerto Rico. We knew that we had to do more. We knew we needed to take action. We knew a different approach was needed to make a lasting difference.


We began Project Second Chance -- a community-based rescue where the community cared for the homeless dogs on its own streets. We started feeding routes for homeless dogs so they would not die of starvation and dehydration. We started initiatives to spay and neuter homeless dogs to try and limit the number of puppies born on the streets. And, most importantly, we asked the community to begin caring for these animals as volunteers, feeders, transporters, and fosters. We provided the supplies and vet care, if they provided the shelter, safety, and love that these animals so desperately needed.


We believe that the solution to the homeless dog crisis in Puerto Rico begins in the community. The community must care, act, and solve the problem. We have seen that change begin with each sato that we have rescued--all because of a community effort. Our satos are rescued and placed in loving foster homes, rather than a shelter environment. This allows them to heal in the comfort of a home and avoid the stress of a shelter experience. And, once they are healthy and strong, we place them in loving homes.


We are proud of our grassroots effort. We have saved so many lives and that work continues on because of community. Today, our community continues to grow. Our team in Puerto Rico partners with a team of volunteers in DC/VA/MD to find homes for our satos and local businesses have joined our efforts, providing much needed support and resources. We are grateful for our community. It continues to grow with each family that adopts a sato. And for that we are grateful. 

Please join our community -- adopt, volunteer, donate!