How to Adopt

Adopting a dog is a rewarding experience.  You not only save an animal's life, but you also make a new best friend. Our adoption process helps to ensure a successful match.

You can view Project Second Chance's available rescues on  Petfinder and Social Media (Instagram/Facebook)



1. If you see a dog that you are interested in adopting, please complete our online application.  It is always helpful to submit an application prior to attending an adoption event if you are serious about adopting. Doing so does not commit you to a specific dog or require a fee.  

2. Be sure to submit pictures and video as instructed in the application.  This is required for consideration. Supplemental materials may be sent to

3. We will review your application and contact you only if your application is a best fit for a dog prior to an adoption event or scheduled meet and greet.  Please keep in mind that we do not place a rescue in a home on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Instead, we strive to find the best fit for you and for the rescue.  Be advised there are no same day adoptions.

4.  Please note that we will NOT adopt out to families that (1) have or intend to use an invisible fence on their property, (2) use negative training techniques, including but not limited to physical correction, spray bottles, noise horns, prong or shock collars, (3) use retractable leashes, stakes, or tie-ups, (4) will leave their dog unattended for more than 6 hours without a dogwalker, (5) use a dog door that is unmonitored when away from home,  (6) do not have a plan for adequate exercise and activity for the rescue, or (7) will not use a car seat, crate, or safety harness that attaches to the seatbelt to safely transport your rescue in a motor vehicle. Training collars are only permitted under the supervision of a certified trainer.

5. Please come to the adoption event with a printed copy of your application to meet the dog(s).

6. Bring all of your human household residents to the adoption event or arranged meet and greet.    

7. After meeting the dog(s) you are interested in, please get interviewed by an adoption coordinator and turn in your paper application.  

8. Prior to any approval, if there are other animals in the household, we will arrange with you to have the rescue meet any other dogs/cats in the household as needed.  

8. You will be contacted ONLY IF your application is approved.  Unfortunately, we cannot respond to every application that we receive. 

9.  In order to take your new dog home, you must have all supplies ready: appropriate sized wire crate (without dividers), fixed leash, collar, ID tag, bed, bowls, food (as instructed by the adoption coordinator), and a safe way to transport your rescue (dog car seat, crate, or dog harness with seat belt attachment).  During the pandemic, all rescues are quarantined for two weeks prior to adoption and we ask that you prepare to bring home your new furry family member at the expiration of that time period.  

10.  Our adoption fee is $500 for adult dogs and puppies (under 6 months old).  This covers the cost of veterinary care, shelter, and transport from Puerto Rico and must be paid via Venmo or Paypal. 

11.  In the event you provide false information or fail to provide full and accurate disclosures in your application or do not agree to follow PSC's adoption contract, you will be automatically disqualified as an adopter. 

12. If for any reason you cannot keep your adopted dog, we require that you return him/her to Project Second Chance.

13.  We perform a follow-up visit with all adopted dogs within 30 days to ensure that the safety, well-being, and welfare of our rescues. Please provide updates in the interim!

14.  As a PSC adopter, we welcome you to join the PSC family.  We would love to see at alumni (dog friendly) events and receive updates and photos.  Please tag us on social media posts and use the hashtag #projectsecondchance.  

Adoption Events

Please check our social media to confirm dates for adoption events.  

Adoption Application

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Please contact your veterinarian(s) to give permission for them to discuss your pet’s care. Many offices require consent from the owner to release information. If you have used multiple vets, please list them all.

If you currently own a dog, is he/she currenty on Heartworm Preventative?
If you currently own a dog, is he/she currently on Flea/Tick Preventative?
How did you hear about us?
Do you agree to return the dog to Project Second Chance for re‐homing if you can no longer keep or care for it?
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The adoption fee cost is based on the type of dog adopted and includes the transportation costs and veterinary fees of each rescue. Thank you for considering one of our rescues! Our adoption approval consists of confirmation of quality vet care, rental property or HOA permission and application review by our adoption coordinator. We also require pictures/video of your home and yard and/or a home visit.  Our mission at Project Second Chance is to find the best possible home for our dogs. We do not adopt out on a first come first basis, but instead strive to find the best match for the dog and new family. Adopting a dog is a long term commitment; we hope to make it one of the most rewarding experiences of your life!

Questions about adoption?

Contact our volunteers at:

Thanks for submitting an adoption application. You will hear from us soon! We appreciate your patience.