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Vinnie's Fund


Vinnie, the beloved rescue of PSC's founder, passed away in January 2019.  He was a courageous french bulldog, who lived life to the fullest, despite facing medical issues caused by severe neglect and abuse.  He was adopted in May 2014 and required extensive medical care, including brain surgery on his brain, soft palate, nose, and eye, as well as extensive follow-up care for seizures, vision problems, and other issues.  He was a beloved regular at VCA Alexandria and VCA Southpaws.  But, despite all of these challenges, Vinnie regained mobility and his quality of life.  He had a zest for life like no other, never-ending obsession with tennis balls, and excelled at nap taking. The passing of Vinnie was heart-breaking for many, especially our founder.

Vinnie was lucky to receive such extensive care and get his second chance at the life he deserved.  Here at PSC, we want to be able to help more special-needs dogs just like Vinnie.  That's why we started VINNIE'S FUND.   It's a way to honor Vinnie and to save more.  

You can help dogs like Vinnie!

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